Polypore (single tier)-01
Polypore (single tier)-02
Polypore (single tier)-03
Polypore single tier-03
Polypore (single tier)-04
Nina Campbell
  • Inspired by the morphological fruiting bodies (conks) of bracket fungi, thousands of hand-pulled Venetian glass leaves are woven onto the hand forged framework.

    The single organic-shaped tier is illuminated from within.

  • Size fully customisable.
    Shown here: D 1250mm x H 550mm, OAH adjusted with chain
    [D 49" x H 21.6"]

  • 35IV Ivory Glass leaves on 9S Bronzed Frame

    Finishing & Customisation at Cox London

  • Hand forged Iron and hand pulled Venetian leaves

  • Wiring: UK/EU - Hard Wired - E14
    Brown Silk Flex
    Bulbs: LED bulbs
    Canopy:140mm ceiling canopy, rise and fall

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