Grove Table and Chairs-out-Alt-Stem-Web
  • Description: Wrought Iron Octagonal Table with Andromeda stone un-honed top and 8 no. custom upholstered dining chairs. The large octagonal stone table top is supported by an impressive hand-forged iron tree trunk.

    The Grove Table and Chairs set is inspired by historic British forests of ancient Oak and Elm.


  • Overall Table Dimensions:
    H755mm x W1385mm x D1385mm ( H 29.72" x W 54.53" x D 54.53" )
    Overall Chair Dimensions:
    H865mm x W545mm x D410mm ( H 34" x W 21.46" x D 15.14" )

  • 9S Bronzed Iron, 15T Distressed Gold Leaf

    Finishing & Customisation at Cox London

  • Forged steel, Andromeda stone, Puckered Linen upholstery

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