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Tabac Tulip Lights-Small
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Tabac Tulip Small
  • An elegant studio blown glass shade often used in threes over islands or to light hallways and living spaces. Shown here in Tabac, other sizes, shapes and colours can be custom made on request. Note that with studio blown glass, colour and size variations are likely. We therefore always send images of your finished pieces, for approval, prior to shipping.

  • Small Size 200mm OD x H 775mm ( OD 7.87" x H 30.51") Glass Height 230mm (9")

  • Distressed gilt or can be plated, gilded or patinated bronze.

    Glass Shade: Hand blown with a sparing inclusion of subtle “seeds” (almond shaped bubbles) for atmosphere.

    Finishing & Customisation at Cox London

  • The glass dome is free blown and the metal work spun, lathed and distressed gilt.

  • Brass and coloured glass

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