• Part cubist, part abstracted, this cast bronze bar stool is a homage to 20th century sculptors such as Marini, Richier and Picasso.

    In the early 20th Century this style was neatly summed up by Picasso as an attempt at “Trompe l’espirit” (trick the mind) as opposed to “Tompe l’oeil” (trick the eye) which was considered prosaic by the new wave. The inventive treatment of surfaces to express an inner emotion became of vital interest to artists of the avant garde and continued to influence many great sculptors throughout the 20th century.

  • H 760mm x W 380mm x D 380mm

  • Standard: 1BZ Dark Bronze Patination

    Upholstery: Antique Olive Green Leather (also available in COM)

    Finishing & Customisation at Cox London

  • Material: Bronze and Leather