• Cast Bronze Chandelier

    Ancient root vines are a recurring theme in the design work of Cox London. Wax was sculpted and formed into the knots and roots of this piece. What began as an expression of a gnarled piece of wood transformed by process into an explosion of molten metal. Each material influenced the next stage of the design as it evolved.

  • OD 1500mm x Drop 1100mm (OD 59" x Drop 43.3")

  • Limited edition of 10. Antique silver plated.

    Finishing & Customisation at Cox London

  • Originally sculpted in wax the chandelier was then moulded and cast into bronze by the lost wax process. A traditional form of casting used for thousands of years by sculptors and jewellers. When chased and assembled the bronze is then polished and lacquered. The glass shades are formed in the kiln by slumping glass into moulds and no two are alike. 

  • Bronze and kiln formed glass

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