About Us

Cox London, founded by Christopher and Nicola Cox, is a furniture, lighting and art studio best known for their original work: an artful translation of natural forms in a range of thoughtfully selected materials.

Drawing from a rich heritages panning generations of antique dealing and fine art, Christopher and Nicola bring their unique sculptural furniture, lighting and objects to life in their London workshop.

With foundations rooted in intensive sculptural techniques such as the ancient arts of lost-wax bronze casting and forged ironwork, every piece reflects the artists’ shared enthusiasm for the endless well of inspiration found in our natural world.

From their early days in antiques and antique restoration to their evolution as creators of bespoke, nature-inspired designs, Cox London continues to exemplify artistry, quality, and the cultivation of talent.

Every twist of iron, each beat of the hammer and all the delicate brushstrokes are designed to stir the soul a little.