Completed - J10565 (3)
Completed - J10565 (2)
Completed - J10565 (1)
Completed - J10565 (4)
  • Beautiful Large Hand Blown Tabac colour glass shade with simple brass metal work in a bronze finish

    This piece is a very large piece of glass, which is studio blown and as such, no two will be identical. These are not made from blowing into a mould, but free blown which gives each piece its unique nature.  By the very momentary nature of this process it is common that the glass artist will need to make several attempts to blow one piece. Therefore if you are purchasing a pair, please do understand that if 2 are ordered we will make them as similar as we can.



  • 330mm diameter x 510mm height (13" diameter x 20" height)

  • Glass, brass

  • Wiring: UK Wiring E27 with brown silk flex - 3 metres Supplied with fixings: 1m chain patinated to match , lock link and 100mm OD ceiling canopy