Cox March 1-1839
Cox March 1-1844
Cox March 1-1848
Cox March 1-1850
  • This design came about after a trip to the Museo del Vetro where there are some stunning pieces of antique Venetian glass-work. The glass leaves are made by artisans still working in Murano today. They are then sent to the London studio where each one is painstakingly┬ásecured to a wooden cushion frame.

  • Diameter 1250 mm x Depth 65mm (Dia 49.21" x D 2.5") custom size available

  • Ivory Venetian glass leaves. Other colours available upon request

    Finishing & Customisation at Cox London

  • Each ivory glass leaf is pulled from a single rod of glass, heated in a furnace and then pressed individually into shape. The leaves are carefully applied one by one to a carved wood cushion frame.

  • Glass and wood.

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