• Cast bronze and glass pendant light

    Processes that involve extreme heat produce amazing and beautiful results and the mystery of transformation provides great inspiration to the designs at Cox London. Glass can be heated until it resembles liquid honey but with careful control it can be coaxed into wondrous pattern and formation. The cast glass bowl is simultaneously lunar and polar and gave inspiration to the bronze struts which were sculpted to resemble pancake rocks or columns of ice, the kind of which might lurk beneath the frozen surface.


  • H1100mm x 760mm Diameter (H43.5'' x 30'' Diameter) overall drop, including silver plated ceiling canopy and hook

  • Originally sculpted in plaster the struts were then moulded and cast into bronze using a sand cast process.  When chased and assembled the bronze is then polished and silver plated and gently aged. The large glass bowl is kiln formed over a plaster mould and each one is unique.

  • Cast Bronze and kiln formed glass

  • Download: Ice Pendant PDF

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