• The Golden Oak Chandelier is the latest piece of contemporary oak leaf lighting in the Cox collection. The first of these foliate compositions was created by the artists over 10 years ago and inspired by ancient Oak trees in North London parks where they walked their dogs. On these regular walks it is the oak’s irregular and imperfect growth patterns that continues to inspire. It is the atmosphere of these natural “meanderings” that the Cox studio aim to capture in every piece. Forging, twisting, soldering and colouring to create a unique metal work composition every time.

  • H 1200mm x L 1500mm x D 750mm ( H 47.25" x L 59" x D 29.5") (Oval shaped in plan view)

  • Standard: Golden Oak 39G

    Finishing & Customisation at Cox London

  • Materials: Brass

    Wiring: Hard wired with 8 no. bulbs with patinated brass candle sleeves.

    Weight : 14kg

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