Floral Chandelier 2
Floral Chandelier 4
Floral Chandelier 1
Floral Chandelier 5
Floral Chandelier 3
  • Floral chandelier with metalwork leaves, flowers and buds, shaped and arranged in a vibrant tapestry of form and colour. Discreetly lit from within for atmospheric light.

    Similar chandeliers can be commissioned and colour, size and shape tailored for individual projects.

  • Chandelier Height: 1220mm (48") Chandelier Diameter: 950mm (37 3/8")

  • Hand Patinated With A Myriad Of Dusty Colours With A Palette of Plums, Russets, Greys and Verdigris

    Finishing & Customisation at Cox London

  • Forged iron and brass

  • Hangs from a chain and wired into single regular mains connection