• Blown glass pendant light

    Several different versions of this light have been designed and made at Cox London, changing the shape of the glass and metalwork to produce  simple and elegant designs. It can be hung as a single or can be grouped in a cluster and the proportions of the glass are changed to suit the individual project.

  • Distressed gilt or can be plated, gilded or patinated bronze.

    Glass Shade: Hand blown with a sparing inclusion of subtle “seeds” (almond shaped bubbles) for atmosphere.

    Finishing & Customisation at Cox London

  • The glass dome is free blown and the metal work spun, lathed and distressed gilt.

  • Brass and glass

  • Medium Size 230mm( 9") OD x H 795mm (31.30") Glass Height 250mm (9.84")

    Smaller Size 200mm (7.87") OD x  H 775mm (30.51") Glass Height 230mm (9.06")

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